Welcome to Canada Pardon Services Inc. (CPS) using this site you accept the use of our services under the terms and conditions representing a contract without exception or limitation, and other rules and practices services you will be asked to follow. note that CPS reserves the right to introduce amendments and changes to the site, the terms and conditions. If you decide not to accept the conditions and defined terms, you can not therefore benefit from our services present on this site.

Secure Payment by credit card

To prepare for any eventuality, CPS uses a secure payment system. SSL secure server ensures the reliability of your payment by encrypting at the time of entry, all personal data that we are required to process your application (names, addresses, emails, bank details). When transferring via the Internet, it is impossible to read. You will notice the https: // (for secured http) appearing in the address bar and the small padlock at the bottom of page that indicates you are on secure pages. Of course, if you prefer to use more traditional methods, CPS accepts credit card numbers by phone at 1-866-630-3660 and check payments. Confidentiality will be respected equally.

The regulations of this website

CPS assists customers and acts on their behalf to obtain either the Canadian Pardon from the National Parole Board or US Entry Waiver of entry from US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) or both, but CPS does not provide legal advice.

By using our services, I hereby read, understand and agree that:

(CPS) will have my account for either the Canadian Pardon (record suspension) of the National Parole Board, or Waiver of entry in the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security), or both, or the destruction of record, I give my consent to CPS in order to communicate with all government services involved in the pardon process ie RCMP, local police, courts, and NPB … to complete your file.

By completing the application online you give explicit permission to the CPS to act on your behalf for a Canadian pardon application with the NPB and / or US Entry Waiver of DHS and the acceptance of the payment of the service seleced (our fess for each services is $ 495 tax included (but we can charge more for specific files). During the process for each service the applicant need to contimue respectin the law because any criminal act will result in considerable consequences in the delai of the process, the eligibility and the result from NBP or us Homeland security. I also understand that any delay caused by my actions will generate additional costs which I will be responsible. Important: Our services are to collect and gather the requested documents in collaboration with the applicant in order to prepare the final files to be submitted to the National Parole Board for Pardon(record suspension) but the US Entry Waiver the applicant is responsible of submitting his application himself to the US Customs. The process of obtaining the Pardon and / or the Waiver is a complex process and involves multi-steps. A number of interactions with other services is required during this process (such as the RCMP, the court, the local police and the National Parole Board or releases DHS) and in order to complete our service the collaboration ffrom the application is requested such as providing the fingerprints, the local police, the reference letters answering some questions about the charges and the place of the charges … Moreover, the process depends on several factors such as the number of offenses, the date of the offenses, the affability of Justice or the courts involved and the RCMP. CPS also resserve the right to increase service charges basis on the nature of the charges and the number of the charges.

Pardon and Waiver process can take up to 24 months. During these proceedings the applicant needs two pieces of valid ID (passport, driving license …)

The result of the federal RCMP can take more than 120 days (visit the RCMP website)

The affability of Justice planned belief and short document can take more than three months and more, this depends on the number of offenses and the date thereof and the availability of information in the system.

Verification of Local Police may take six months, especially in large cities.

The applicant is obliged to complete all information and documents requested by CPS in order to complete the application in question.

Canada Pardon Services is not responsible of the delay of receiving the documents form the courthouses or the RCMP and also we are not responsible in the case the file was rejected from the NPB or US Homeland Securtiy because we have no contrôle over the decision made by these agencies. (the RCMP can take more than six months time, the court document and the proof of the conviction may take more than 6 months also in somne cases, the number of the offences and the date of the the offences my affeter the delais of the process. I recognized that the payment plan on the application online means that the client is committed to pay a monthly amount of $ 166 per month per service for a total of $ 495 as of the date of the application If the monthly payment has not been respected by the client the CPS reserve the right to take the full the balance remaining in the client acount and fine and interest my be charged to the this balance.

The confidentiality of your record and your personal information is important, and CPS is committed to do the best effort possible to protect the information and the data collected during these processes, CPS does not assume responsibility for haking personal information and losing the documents during sending or receiving process mostly we are using Canada Post Services and they will be responsible for any lost or dammage to the documents sent or recived. in case of human error on our part in the proceedings CPS will make every effort to remedy the situation and human error. All fees must be set for your application to be registered with the National Parole Board, it comes to $ 631 payable to the Receiver General of Canada and $ 585 payable to Homeland Security to review your application. Any lack of or delay in payment will result in the closure of the file. CPS reserves the right to refuse to process any folder and change the amount of costs if these are changed to other departments involved in the process of Pardon and Waiver. I understand that the result of process of Pardon is given by the National Commission and that of Waiver by Homeland Security and CPS has no control over the response, times and the result received by the applicant associated with requests. I understand that the express service from us refers only to the processing of the file in our offices (internal) usually the delay of the process depends on the RCMP, the courts of Justice, the National Archive, the National parole board, DHS, the nature of convictions and the number of these.

You are responsible for shipping of all documents by registered post CPS does not assume a loss of documents sent by the applicant. Once the applicant has paid our fees for the service(s), our fees are not refundable after 10 days of the application date. The applicatan who decided to the do the montly payment as a payment plan is responsible of respecting the date of the payment and any cancellation after 10 days we be not refunded and CPS will process the payment of the remaining Balance immediatly because the client did not respect the payment plan and the terms and condtions of using the service. We only accept cancellation notices by the cancellation form. You can not terminate this Agreement and close your file by email or phone, no exceptions. Once starting the process the applicant who choose to do the 3 months payment of our fess need to pay $166 for each service before receving the email confirmation from us, in this email the applicant will find two steps to complete in order to get the service, if the client is refusing to complete the service and after during the 10days, he is under the obligation to pay $166 for each service in order to close his file and cancel the service, in case he want to cancel but the 1days are passed in this case cps do not refund and the payment of the remaining balance will be taken direclty form his account. If the payment of the remaining balance is declined, the client will be contacted to solve the payment issue otherwise a ollection department will be invole and the client credit history will be affected, and we reserve the right for a legal action if need. The first $ 166 paid by the client represent the fee for openinig the file for one service ony and / or fees administrative, without exceptions. Consumer Law: (4) a supplier who is entitled to reasonable compensation under this article may: (a) deduct the amount of the reasonable compensation to which the supplier is entitled to restitution, if applicable that the supplier is required to give the consumer under clause 96 (1) (a) of the Act. (b) recovering the amount of the reasonable compensation to which the supplier is entitled to the consumer. ( c) deduct part of the amount of the reasonable compensation to which the supplier is entitled to restitution, if any, that the supplier is required to give the consumer under clause 96 (1) (a) the Act and recover the balance of consumption. Thus our doing cancellation of $ 166 per service (for both Pardon and services Waiver total fees are $ 330) if the cancellation took place during 10 days after the first payment after 10 days no refund will be given to the applicant . Cancellations are normally processed 48 after receiving a cancellation form signed by the applicant. If you have any question question about the cancellation polcy please email us at apply@pardoncanadaservice.ca .I understand that fees File activation ($ 166 for each service) are not refundable. I understand that after a delay of 10 days of the opening of the case, the whole fees are due and no refund will be possible. I understand the fee structure, and that these costs are only for the preparation of my application and that these fees do not include $ 631les Commission processing fee Parole Canada or US $ 585 processing fee of Department of Homeland Security and that these fees can be changed at any time. The paymnet if these fees could be done either by a check or directly into your account via the same card you used for payment. If you pay credit card repayment will be made directly to your credit card this can take 5 business days, and if the payment was made by check or money order, Canada Pardon Services will issue a check to your nome and will be sent by post. When you ask that the services CPS cancellation may ask you additional information based on the reasons that led you to decide to revoke your request. I understand that with this cancellation request, I authorize Canada Pardon Services to remove all the records set files that are contained in my file on their servers. This included deleting all files, paperwork and messages contained therein. I understand that any request opened more than 2 years without tracking me will be a fence to not result I understand that I should ask that all my documents so sent me at my address before submitting this cancellation, if these documents could be lost. I also understand that once Canada Pardon Services has deletes files, they can not be recovered.